Extrait de Parfum Refill (20 ml)


RRP : 15.70USD *
Ref 107 | 78.50 USD / 100 ml
"Extrait de Parfum" refills with a 25% concentration of essence. 
"Extrait de Parfum" refills was developed especially for you, who likes to change fragrances frequently. You can choose to have one perfume for everyday use and another for special occasions. 

The main characteristics of our Extrait Parfum Refill: 
- 25% essence concentration.
- 20 ml format.
- More economical. 
- Available women's fragrances 9, 19, 28, 84, 88, 101. And men's 4,6,30,87.

Extrait de Parfum Refill should be placed in our Perfume Case (Ref. 106), a portable, innovative and versatile solution to use whenever and wherever you want.

1. Fit the refill into the spray head of the Perfume Case (Ref. 106).
2. Place the refill inside the Perfume Case with the spray head attached.
3.  Turn the Perfume Case clockwise to pull up the spray head. To pull it down, turn the Perfume Case anti-clockwise.
4. To change the refill, simply pull out the spray head and carefully remove the old fragrance. When putting in the new fragrance, don't forget to follow steps 1, 2 and 3 mentioned above.

It is very important that you follow these steps to ensure that the product works properly.


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